Professional Instruction

Nick has been teaching privately since 1993. In 2000 he opened Orion Music Studio in Lake Orion, MI where he teaches and manages a full service staff of professional music educators. As a fingerstyle guitarist and banjo player, Nick uses traditional techniques to help students understand how to compose and arrange in any style, utilizing theory and improvisation to give students a wide range to express themselves.  

Teacher's Statement: I believe that the best way to learn is through application. Without practical use there isn’t any other way for a student to be successful. Technique and style are a means to an end, but a student must understand why they are learning something and how it will work for them creatively. Ears, eyes, and hands function in collaboration and all methods of learning are fundamental.

In addition to teaching in Lake Orion, Nick teaches out of his home studio in Detroit and via Skype and is available for group classes and workshops via Detroit Folk Workshop. To discuss setting up lessons or workshops contact Nick for a consultation.