Applied Theory: Major Scale and Intervals Part 1

Applying basic theory to the guitar goes a long way towards understanding deeper concepts. This short lesson discusses the basic anatomy of the major scale, intervals, and a simple way to start keeping track of both on the guitar. Follow this lesson series on YouTube for a continuation of this concept. Click here for PDF notes on the key concepts in the lesson.

Chromatic Fingerpicking Exercises in First Position

Stretch you left hand fingers while keeping a steady bass line going! These chromatic exercises using the open chords (C A G E D) in first/open position will help with improvising, arranging and overall fingerpicking technique. Grab the PDF at the link below and head over to my youtube channel for more lessons and videos.


Whoops . . . Sorry the mic is in the way of my left hand. No matter, this video is all about the RIGHT hand anyhow.

A concept from my Fingerpicking Book 1 from Detroit Folk Workshop. Consider the thumb movement of the alternating bass the same as you would a chord strum. Assign bass notes and patterns to root based fingerings and that's all you need beyond the chord symbol to put a bass line under a melody. Simple? Not really. Straight Forward? Absolutely!!

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Late Bloomer

In an attempt to stay connected and away from Facebook, YouTube (Please subscribe!) and Instagram, I’ve decided to try and write a weekly blog. I will try my best to focus on short video lessons whenever possible but time will be the determining agent. If there are any topics, questions, etc that you may be curious about please do not hesitate to contact me and ask. I’ll do my best to cover it in a future post.